About Sonia

The Beginnings in Argentina: Developing Natural Survival Skills

Sonia Q. Thomas was born a natural entrepreneur, and the evidence came prematurely. She learned early in life about challenges, being the only daughter of a 14 years old single mom and growing up without a father support. Life in Argentina was tough for the two of them, she has childhood memories having nothing to eat for a few days. At age twelve, she was selling Avon, Amodil, Via Valrosa and Mary Kay products to pay her schooling. At eighteen, she was the owner of a magazine “Realidad Social”. In 1997 she started an Internet company in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1998 Sonia graduated with a Licenciatura (6 years degree) in Mass Communication, making her the first person graduating from a university on her family. There were many challenges that followed her successful beginning. In 1999, she was in a rock climbing accident, falling down 90 feet and hitting the ground, that left her paralyzed in bed for a few months with physiotherapy for a year. The doctors couldn’t explain her condition. Her doctor told the family: “from the height 50% of the people died and the other 50% end up quadriplegic or paraplegic and you, however, Sonia is not in the 100%” Upon a thorough recovery, she considers herself fortunate to have been thrust into this early experience as it developed critical survival instincts. At the time, nothing came easily for her; she learned to make good use of such experiences, to grow stronger, to pump up her adrenalin to face other obstacles. Because of these and many other challenges, she has become skilled at constantly seeking opportunities to serve and speak to people with needs. Those who know her well call her an unstoppable and inspiring walking dead.

Starting Over in USA

When Sonia first arrived in Utah in the year 2000, she knew no English. She had run her own consulting and marketing firm in Argentina, and she came here to acquire English proficiency as the key to working successfully with her American clients in her native land. She initially believed she might return from time to time to the United States for future vacations but had no plans to stay here permanently. However, she met a wonderful person, who provided unconditional love, her husband. As she became comfortable in using English she soon found herself the moving force behind the creation of a few businesses, Latin Connection Alliance, Spanish Waves, Interior Design Services, Women in Nature Wellness Retreat and currently Olanova Global, Fashion with a Purpose, Sustainable Design & Remodeling work, Spanglish TV a YouTube Channel and Sonia Thomas Consulting.

The Power of Building Relationships

Sonia, as a marketing-business consultant, has a long client list of companies that she has helped with their sales and marketing needs worldwide. The focus is on helping these companies to understand their customers, in order to make products and advertising content appealing to them through mentoring about cultural awareness, marketing and product research. She has a very extensive experience working with for profit and non-profits sectors. She also has a very large network of professional whom who she collaborates in many projects. She has been focusing on helping clients developing profitable uses combining social media, relationship partnerships and over the phone consulting.

Her foundational and rock-solid talks and seminars on leadership, sales and business tools are powerful and full of proven ideas.

Sonia was a Board Member of BYU Management Society. Member for many years of Soroptimist International in SLC, Utah. SCORE counselor, to mention a few. She has 19 years of experience on mentoring and consulting all kinds of businesses and organizations.

Sonia is married to Jeff and lives on the mountains of Park City, Utah. Both Sonia and Jeff enjoy mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing and camping in company of her border collie (a.k.a wedding present), Oscar. She loves the outdoors, and along with all her marketing and business efforts with her free time, she directs a women’s wellness program called Women in Nature once a year. After years of fertility treatments they haven’t be able to have children however, they became State Foster/Adopt Certified and they are excited to adopt 4 ‘diversity’ children in the next 2 years.

Sonia is Going Global

With access to a lot of resources and connections anywhere and affiliates throughout America and in thirty two countries worldwide, this incredible woman is truly going global!

Sonia Q. Thomas has succeeded in America and is living the American Dream but she is pursuing the International Dream. Everything that she teaches, she has applied personally, every testimonial is real, every tip has been successfully proven and this makes her results extremely efficient.

Prior to founding Olanova, Soccer Deals Online, International Women Network and Thomas International, Sonia was the founder of Spanish Waves and Latin Connections Alliance Company with a database of 15,000 professionals created in less than a year. When she became a Feng Shui consultant in 2002 , she discovered the energy laws and also puts them in use in her marketing and branding jobs. With her successful career in sales, marketing consulting and especially connecting markets and people, she includes her experience consulting high-level assignments with several million-dollar corporations as well as non-profits and small businesses with a limited budget. Sonia enjoys them all!

Sonia has traveled and worked in 30 countries on six continents and speaks Latin languages. She is an avid writer, and brings a unique perspective and style to her mentoring methodologies. She is the author of a Spanish Book called “Holocuentos and HolyPoesias” and she is currently working in her first book in English which will be about the Science of Self-Confidence and How to Master Your Business for “mompreneurs and womenpreneurs.” She predicts to finish it by 2016.