Conversational Spanish

In the U.S., a steady flow of new immigrants has made Spanish the fastest growing non-English language in the country. Another factor is the increase number of new babies born from multi-racial couples. Pew Research Center has projected that Hispanics will rise from around 16% of the U.S. population in 2010 to 33% by 2050 and comprise up to 33% of the country’s consumer base. The Spanish speaking community has become a very attractive market for nearly every business model. If your company does business internationally or is planning to, you should know that English and Spanish speaking consumers together comprise a 51% of the world’s entire population.

There are countless reasons for wanting to communicate with this profitable market. Sonia has spent 18 years developing a proven system for people just like you. Her students are able to speak Spanish faster than those taught by other training methods. One of the reasons is her unique approach. Her conversational lessons plan is based on your profession role, needs and daily activities. You will learn vocabulary related to your business; for example, if you are a CEO of a financial institution, then you will learn financial vocabulary in a financial situational and realistic activity. Through repetition with the right pronunciation assistance, you will be ready to go.

Let Sonia personally help you become proficient in conversational Spanish.

Custom Curriculum

Sonia’s Conversational Spanish system begins with a personal interview to discover your unique individual needs. A custom designed curriculum comprised of 30 minute sessions is then created to accommodate your personal schedule and goals.

Conversational Spanish Session Options