Make Your Passions Your Business!


Olanova has two purposes to reduce the waste of fabrics and to provide jobs to local single moms refugees and seamstresses. This is how it works: people would donate unwanted clothing and fabrics to Olanova, Sonia will take them to the ladies home. Provide them with sewing machines and hire them to refashion and repurpose it. Olanova puts them for sale. Olanova has a division of alteration and sewing services that includes home fashion. Customers will support the program by purchasing Olanova clothing Re-made by local women in need of work. Sonia commented “Olanova is fashion with purpose, without sales the program could not exit, we are grateful to our customers who don’t only by from us because it’s for a good cause but because we have some very cute stuff.”
Multitasking vs. Monotasking

Sonia doesn’t believe in the model of monotasking, nor in owning one-business, at least it doesn’t work for herself. She cares about people freeing themselves and live their dreams. She respects and admires those who are happy by doing one thing. She believes that you can successfully focus on one thing at a time. Have many things to focus, requires a lot of discipline and mind training.

Making Housing Affordable

Sonia is currently in the process to work with other professionals and organization in Sustainability and green building. She wants to make housing affordable to those who can’t afford it. She General Contract her own home, loves to flip places and sells them.

SpanGlish TV, a Bilingual YouTube Channel

This project will launch on December of 2014. She has many surprises for English and Spanish speaking audiences. Prepare yourself to see something unseen. To learn more about it, you can visit their YouTube Channel or join many of their social media pages.