Mentorship Over the Phone

I provide over the phone consultations, where clients get to ask me anything related with my areas of expertise, some of their concerns are: how can I improve my customer relationship? Why aren’t my clients buying? How can I increase my sales? How can I improve my social media branding presence? Should I invest in the Latino market, where, how? I have a business idea but I need a business/marketing plan, can you help me? I am having problems in my company with management, relationships, diversity, can you help me? And the answer for all is Yes, I can consult you over the phone from the convenience of your office.

My clients come from different industries (tech, green, fashion, non profit, retail) and from different countries (Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Bombay, Orem, Georgia, etc.) and even when they have different backgrounds, and market locations, they are experiencing some of the same challenges related to customers, sales, markets, event, branding, marketing, social media, hiring and management.

Decision making is crucial to be profitable & accountable. You don’t have to do it alone. Finding an honest and experienced mentor who cares about your needs and delivers, it is hard to find and afford. I’ll give you ideas that will put you ahead of the curve and solved you costly mistakes. I can quickly identify-implement solutions, which has been effective for more than 23yrs. I’ll partner with you, network for you, promote you, connect you and save you money.

Consultation Rates

Each may last up to 40 minutes

  • Non-Profits, Individual or Startups – $45 per Session
  • Executives, Corporations, Business Owners or Senior Management – $100 per Session
  • First Timers 20 Mins FREE
  • Minorities, Single Moms with a business idea – One FREE Session

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